Support our Educational Fund

In the short run, there is an urgent need for laptops and internet subscriptions. We aim for a sum of €10.000 to alleviate the current situation of the children.

Since the establishment of Miramundo, we have aimed to provide children with scholarships. Knowing that we help students throughout the whole school year, scholarships are long-term support. The contribution is dependent on the income of the parents, and for this reason, the contributions can fluctuate per kid. In order to keep helping in Honduras, we are looking for long-term donors that want to support our initiative. In case you are living in the Netherlands, your donation is fully tax-deductible.

Your donations will help a lot!
Since the Miramundo is made only of volunteers, no overhead costs are involved, meaning that no money goes down the drain. Frony has direct contact with all the students and their parents. Together with the students’ families, she discusses how much the contribution should be. Moreover, Frony takes care of the payment to the school.

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