About us

Who are we?

In 1998, the foundation Food for Freedom (Voedsel Voor Vrijheid) was established to provide financial support to farmer organizations in Gracias and its surrounding areas through a rotating fund. Later on, we moved on to support children in their education. In 2004, Food for Freedom
joined forces with a local NGO working in Honduras. As one entity, we continue working under our new name Miramundo.


Miramundo actively aims to contribute to the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) with a special focus on no poverty, no hunger, quality education for children in Honduras, and gender equality promotion.

Our Mission

The Miramundo foundation has an educational mission to provide children the opportunity to follow a broad and Bilingual (Spanish and English) curriculum. We want to motivate the students to think
about their future and their impact on Gracias in a responsible manner. For instance, we encourage the teaching of tourism entrepreneurship in an environmentally friendly way through our Training Center.

Children from families with limited resources.

Miramundo wants to allow as many children as possible from families with limited resources to attend school through our scholarship program. Many families are incapable of paying for a high-quality bilingual education for their children. In a combination of donations and students who can
pay the tuition costs, scholarship funds are made available to allow children with limited resources to receive a proper education. Most families helped consist of smallholder farmers or single mothers of Gracias and its surroundings. The children get an opportunity to build strong foundations through quality education to improve their future in their environment.