Miramundo foundation

Miramundo is made up of volunteers that have an emotional connection to Honduras. The foundation was established in 2004 and it has been firmly working together with Villa Verde School in Gracias, Lempira, Honduras. Through Fronica Miedema who is a resident of Honduras and member of the organization, Miramundo has been able to directly supervise several projects and their expenditures. Read more

Support our Educational Fund

in Covid-19 times

The economy of Honduras was on the verge of collapsing which means that income of many families has become very limited. Due to Covid-19, students are now receiving lessons online which increases the need for money to purchase laptops and internet service to allow children to continue their education.

How does Miramundo help?

Miramundo’s objective is to provide children with the opportunity to receive bilingual education. Children receive a supporting grant that can change per student according to his or her parents’ income. The supporting grant is used, for example, on school uniforms, transport, learning material,
and school fees. In the last couple of years, Miramundo has helped an average of six students per year. In case you are interesting in helping, we as members of Miramundo are happy to provide more information on projects and the children involved.

Finished projects

Elementary School

During the first phase, Miramundo started running a small elementary school with 19 students in a rented building in 2001. After, the school was moved to a new location close to the entrance of the “Mountain Celaque National Park”, an ideal new location that falls in line with the mission of the school. At this new location, the elementary school was built.

Tourism Training Center

In 2011, the school broaden its impact by developing a Training Center specialized in Tourism. Besides the school facilities, a small hotel was built with the idea to become a training center for students who want to learn about sustainable tourism. During their last three years, students follow extra lessons regarding Hospitality and Tourism at school, and additionally, the training center and some other hotels in the region are used to teach practical lessons to obtain a real experience.

High School

During the second phase, the high school facility was constructed beside the elementary school. This resulted in a proper campus made of several classrooms, two sports fields, a cafeteria, and an administration building. In 2008, both the elementary and high school became part of a larger school association called Abundant Life Christian Schools or ALCS. Thanks to this collaboration, students of the school obtain new and more opportunities to access a larger set of teachers and an expanded study curriculum.